Geological Discussion OF
Central Oklahoma Counties

Ranken Energy's Central Oklahoma Project Area is situated on a large broad northwest plunging anticlinorium in the Pauls Valley Uplift geological province. The Pauls Valley Uplift is associated with the southwestern portion of the Hunton Arch. The uplift is separated from the Arbuckle Uplift to the south by the Mill Creek syncline and slopes westward into the Anadarko basin. Individual structures on the Pauls Valley Uplift consist of anticlines, synclines, monoclines, and faulting of all styles. Many small to medium size anticlinal and fault bound traps in this province have been developed to produce prolific amounts of Simpson oil. It is common for these Simpson sands to contain from 450 to 1,000 barrels of oil per acre foot and because of the active water drive, it is common to recover in excess of 80% of the original oil in place from these structural traps. These conditions also provide fertile hunting grounds for updip/attic oil reserves in the mature oilfields. Because of the water drive depletion, undrilled updip locations can be oil-filled and due to the large reservoir volume, very small areas can yield extremely prolific production. Several such structural situations have been identified in this Central Oklahoma Project area.

In addition to the remaining reserves identified at updip locations in the mature Simpson oilfields, the improved structural picture of the Viola limestone has revealed several areas for development of the Pennsylvanian sands draped over underlying structures or pinching out as they onlap. The potential for further development of both oil and gas in various reservoirs within the area is very strong. 

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