Randolph L. Coy, President - Click Image to Enlarge                        

Randy Coy graduated from Wright State University with a degree in Geology. His first job in the oil industry was in Midland, Texas as a Computer on a GSI seismograph crew.  

Exxon hired him after his arrival in Midland, where he was cross-trained as a geophysicist and moved to Oklahoma City in that capacity in 1980.  During his tenure with Exxon he also studied Oil and Gas Production Economics and Risk Analysis under R. K. Megill (noted authority and author of several texts on the subject). Randy has put that training to good use in the years since.

He was recruited to Energy Reserves Group (ERG) in 1981 where he became Exploration Manager of the Oklahoma City office.  When BHP acquired ERG he was retained as Mid-Continent Exploration Manager.

In 1986, BHP decided to abandon the mid-continent as an exploration province, Randy elected to start Ranken Energy in lieu of transferring to Houston. This decision also realized his desire to be in business for himself. 

In spite of the difficult market of the years since founding the company, Mr. Coy has managed to steadily increase the company's reserves and enjoys a stellar reputation for honesty and fair play.


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