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Ranken Energy Corporation was formed in May, 1986, by Randolph L Coy as a conservative oil and gas exploration and production company. The primary focus of the company is to drill high quality, technically sound prospects and to purchase economically sound producing properties. 

Other biographies:
Karen Kuntz General Manager
Leslie Ellason Executive Land Assistant
Gene Duncan Inc. Engineering & Drilling Consultants
Charles Brown Marketing Consultant
The Doodlebugger (A tribute to the field geophysicist.)

Ranken is active in lower risk trends where the expected field size is attractive to independent oil and gas companies and other industry partners. The company has consistently added reserves through drilling and acquisition at low finding costs. 

The company initially focused its exploration, development and acquisition efforts in the oil-rich Mid-Continent area of the United States. From this base, the company expanded operations into other states. Operational bonds and permits were held in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Utah and Texas. Ranken and our associates have vast experience in these geological provinces.We have since, however, divested of the far-flung holdings and concentrated our attention and efforts in a six county area of Central Oklahoma. 

Ranken's high success rate results from the use of state-of-the-art technology to drill and develop prospects in mature trends where the risk is minimal. The company concentrates on drilling prospects that are balanced with both exploratory and developmental risks. This creates the greatest chance for an acceptable return on investment plus excellent upside potential in the event of an exploratory discovery. Ranken strives to maximize profitability through effective control of the drilling, completion and operating costs.

The company has consistently achieved drilling success rates significantly above the national average. With these successes industry partners have enjoyed an above average return even during periods of low commodity prices. 

The company operates with the utmost good faith and regard for our industry partners. Further, the company maintains close professional relationships with proven oil and gas finders, engineers, accountants, landmen and lawyers.

Ranken is in touch with environmental concerns that exist today and takes great care while conducting operations. General Liability insurance, Operators Extra Expense, and Pollution insurance coverage is maintained in amounts that exceed minimum requirements set by regulatory agencies. This coverage is in excess of that carried by typical independent oil and gas producers.

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